Our mission

Our mission is to create high-quality and safe printing packaging that will not only protect and preserve the product but also contribute to the promotion of our customers' brands in the market.


About us

Project Partner Limited Liability Company - is a production and printing company founded in November 2005. Modern equipment and proven technologies allow us to carry out the full production cycle for various types of printing products with in-house services from the simplest business card to a printing box with sophisticated construction and design.

The company's policy is aimed at maximum customer satisfaction in various types of printing and packaging services as well as providing favorable conditions for cooperation.

The company uses low-waste, environmentally friendly technologies and materials. We are partners with both developed and developing companies. Our sales market extends around 1500 km.

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The company has a high level of production culture and is a frequent participant in regional, interregional and international exhibitions.

Market geography


We are a partner of both developed and developing companies

We are a partner of both developed, and developing companies

1 500 km

The geography of the company's sales market is within a radius of 1500 km from Kursk